Pizza and cocktails?

Pizza and cocktails?

A culinary gamble? Not really, we can also find the perfect match between the Neapolitan round and the modern mixologist.

Pizza-Cocktail pairing is definitely one of the biggest trends in recent years.
It is a very tasty and original mix to experiment with. Just match the pizza topping well with the right cocktail.

capri spritz
capri spritz

The pairing of pizza and cocktails has long been a popular trend in Anglo-Saxon countries and is finding increasing supporters in Italy as well.

Food pairing is now a reality. Pairing with relatively simple foods such as pizza makes it easier for more people to approach cocktails, but the idea that there can be a studied pairing involves making a quality drink: I drink less I drink better.

More than the refinement of the ingredients, it is their local characteristics that are crucial, for the preparation of cocktails that know how to enhance taste.

Here are the best pizza-cocktail pairings, a brief overview of the most popular pizzas paired with the most popular cocktails.

There are many cocktails that actually combine perfectly with Pizza Margherita and in any case are also perfect as pre-pizza cocktails. The most desired are the Negroni, the Cuba Libre and the Americano.
Capri Spritz, is perfect paired with Pizza Limoncella.

The tasty and fragrant Pizza Tartufina perfectly ties together a fresh Gin-Tonic.

With Vegetarian pizza, the best pairing is definitely the crisp, bold Moscow Mule.

In the case of the Salsiccia e Broccoli pizza, with the classic and flavorful Campanian vegetable, friarielli, the best pairing is definitely with Hugo Spritz.

Quattro Formaggi pizza pairs very well with Aperol Spritz, a fizzy cocktail that lightens the cheese’s oh-so-rich taste and refreshes the palate.

Basil Smash is the incredibly perfect companion to the fragrant Pizza Nerano, enhancing each other in an apotheosis of taste and aroma.

capri spritz landing
capri spritz landing

In the case of pizzas that are particularly filling and topped with strong-flavored ingredients, such as grilled vegetables, arugula, bacon or crispy guanciale, the ideal is definitely to accompany them with a cocktail that is rum-based but spiced with mint, lime, vanilla and brown sugar. A case in point is the Mojito.

he pizza-cocktail pairings are also a great classic of apericena, where they are served along with fried foods and the famous charcuterie and cheese board, but they are also a tasty pairing to substitute for the classic pizza-beer or the more sophisticated pizza-wine.